Anonymous asked:

Diarrhoea attack - sudden onset. The zipper to your onesie is stuck. Thanks universe.


Wait, What’s a onesie? I thought it was that thing I put on my child…. I’m sooo confused.

But that does suck… I’m sorry I’m in a fit of laughter right now because I’m imagining a 6 foot tall man-child in a onesie with poop up his back…omg someone draw this for me… I’m an awful person I’m sorry to laugh at you but my imagination is too great.


Fuck this “trauma made me a better person”, “trauma made me who I was meant to become”, “it all happened for a reason” mentality. That may be true for you and that’s ok but being raped didn’t make me a better person. It made a person who is crippled by fear and kept from who she was meant to be. I refuse to credit him with improving my life or making me stronger.